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Oklahoma Christian Counseling Center
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If you need your therapy records released, please download and complete this form.  Be sure to complete each section.  You may fax, mail or bring this form in to your therapist.  Your records cannot be released without this form being completed and signed by you and witnessed by another adult.  

Click here to download a release form

If you are coming to our center for your first appointment and would like to complete the paperwork ahead of time, you may download these forms.  The set of forms (application, service agreement, and Oklahoma Notice) needs to be completed for each person who will be a client.  If you are coming as an individual, only one set needs to be completed.  If you are coming as a couple, each adult needs to complete a set of forms.  If you are bringing children, a set of forms needs to be completed for each child.  Please note, even though you are filling out the forms at home, you still need to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your first scheduled session. 

Adult Application Packet
(Ages 18 and Older)

•Download all three parts
•Only the pages that you fill out or sign need to be brought to your appointment

Adult - Part 1
Adult - Part 2
Adult - Part 3

Child/Adolescent Application Packet
(For ages 17 and younger)
•Download all four parts
•Only the pages that you fill out or sign need to be brought to your appointment 
Child/Adolescent - Part 1
Child/Adolescent - Part 2
Child/Adolescent - Part 3
Child/Adolescent - Part 4

WelcomeOur TherapistsContact UsFormsJob Opening